Selection Of A Suitable Solenoid Valve

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Solenoid Valve
This crucial to understand what are prerequisite information required prior to the selection of a suitable solenoid valve.

Below are some of the basic information which may be able to assist you along the way.

General Technical Data 
Product Properties
Physical DimensionCompare the product dimension against the actual installation location, especially with a limited space allowed
Weight (KG)Get the net / gross weight details which enable you to estimate for shipping purposes
Body MaterialWhat are current pipe material used
Seal MaterialIn order to determine the seal materia used is to verify the medium details
Nominal DiameterCheck for the pipe size used.
Port Connection(BSPP or BSPT)G Thread or NPT Thread
No of port connectionTo determine 2/2 or 3/2 ways connection
Activation status of the valveNormally Open or Normally Close
Manual Bypass SwitchVerify if there is such requirement
Maximum And Minimum Operating Pressure (Bar)Example 0 to 10 bar
Medium Details
Chemical NameExample, Water
Operating Temperature Range (Degree C)Example, 22°C to 40°C
Electrical Details
Voltage / Frequency
(V / Hz)
Example 230V 50Hz, 24V DC
Voltage toleranceExample ± 10 %
Installation Environment
CorrosiveCheck medium or evnvironment handle with corrosive medium
Safe EnvironmentDetermine is there an Ex-Proof requirement. If so, determine the ex-proof classification
Environment TemperatureEstimated what will working temperature of the surrounding environment


Please provide more information on the solenoid valve application of used.


Chemical Resistance

Here is the link for your quick reference, which is subjected to the actual operating temperature and actual chemical composition.



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