MAL – Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder

Technical Details 
ModelDouble Action, Single Action, Double-Shaft Double Action, Double-shaft and Adjustable Stroke Type
Bore16, 20, 25,32, 40mm
Working MediumAir
Fixed TypeBasic Type, Front Flange Type, Axial Foot Type, Back Cover Swinging Type
Operating Pressure Range1.0~9.0 kgf/cm²
Ensured Pressure Resistance13.5 kgf/cm²
Operating Temperature Range0~70℃
Operating Speed Range50~800 mm/s
Port SizeBore : 16mm - M5 x 0.8
Bore : 20 to 40mm - G1/8"
Buffer TypeBuffer Spacer
Back Cover TypeFishtail Type, Rounded Type, Horizontal Type
Magnet CodeWith / Without Magnet
KLQD - Company Logo
Brand NingBo Kailing Pneumatic Co Ltd, KLQD
Made in China
Product Type Pneumatic Cylinder
Product Category MAL
Product Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder
Application General Purpose