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Residential and Commercial Solar Panel

Netservices supply premier quality solar panel, solar inverters, etc for both residential and Commercial buildings. By using a good tested quality products which enable our customers to have a good return of investment that last for a long period of time.

There are many reasons why homeowners and commercial buildings use solar energy. The two most common are the financial savings and to help the environment. Whether your motivation to go solar is economic, environmental or both, here’s a list of benefits to consider when considering solar.

  • Drastically reduces or even eliminates your electric bills
  • Avoid rising of electrical cost
  • Increases the property value
  • Going solar help with a great return of investment



Engineering Services

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Sourcing For General Industrial

We will be able to source mechanical, electrical, electronic components, etc based on the technical specification provided.

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Engineering Consultant

We are a team with engineering background from multiples disciplines.

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Solar Panel Services

Provide both commercial and residential installation services for solar panel, solar inverter, etc.

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The world has been dynamically changing and the changes can now occur in days or months. Netservices is at the center, facilitating the transformation of businesses to operate from local to global.



Engineering Revolution

Solar power is harnessed energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. It is the cleanest and most abundant resource in the world because sunlight is natural and with constant free supply from the sun. Fossil fuels, like coal and oil, are finite and harmful to the atmosphere due to their contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Photovoltaic (PV) cells, also referred to as solar cells, are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are devices comprised of many solar cells that collect sunlight. When light hits a solar cell, electrons are set into motion and thus generate electricity.

With the electricity generated by the solar panel, it helps to power up equipments such as solenoid valve, centrifugal end suction pump to couple to an industrial motor, etc operating inside a manufacturing plant.

Solenoid valves are used wherever fluid such as water flow has to be controlled automatically. They are being used to an increasing degree in the most varied types of plants and equipment. The variety of different designs which are available enables a valve to be selected to specifically suit the application.

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